1.1 - Post Jam Update

Hello bloodsuckers,

first of all thanks to everyone who played my game and offered me feedback. One of the things that were mentioned, was that there is no point in killing the enemies in the levels. Well, I relied on the evil spirit of Dracula and that the player will kill them just because. That didn't work out. ;) Let's see what has changed.


  • Coyote Jump
    When Dracula falls of a cliff there is a grace period to push the jump button and still jump.
  • Attack Flip
    You started attacking, and changed your mind? There is now a very small grace period where you can change the direction.
  • Queuing Input
    If you are dashing and press attack at the end of the dash, the attack will be remembered and Dracula will attack immediately after the dash. The same holds true vice versa.
  • Boss AI
    Some players didn't experienced the whole attack palette of some endbosses, cause due to their strategy the endbosses kept their strategy. Now they sometimes do random shit.
  • Achievements
    Yeah, you heard right! Not requested and here they are! From this moment on, you will be able to fight bosses with a speed limit in mind and feel a lot more pressure.
  • 3rd Imperial Guardian Attack
    The last endboss has now a set of three attacks. This will make him a bit harder and more difficult to use a scheme.
  • No Square Heads
    You enjoyed standing on other people's heads? Well, that's over now. You have to find other locations to rest.
  • Story flow
    After completing a level, the next level will start automatically.
  • Pixelart fixes
    Just changed some pixels and colors a bit.



the-rise-of-dracula-windows.zip 45 MB
Version 3 May 29, 2021
the-rise-of-dracula-linux.zip 52 MB
Version 3 May 29, 2021
the-rise-of-dracula.zip 46 MB
Version 3 May 29, 2021

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