Submission for ScoreSpace Jam #14. Theme: Merging

Content: You are a color drop on a piece of paper. Oh no! There are also zombie color drops on the paper. And they are immune to their own color? That makes perfect sense! Try to stay alive as long as possible.

Controls: W, A, S, D for movement, E for interaction, Mouse for shooting

Idea, art and programming: dunkelgrau
Music: White Bat - Death Sentence, The Outsider
Sound: CC0 assets from
Fonts: Upheaval (


Download 41 MB
Version 6 Aug 18, 2021
Download 40 MB
Version 6 Aug 18, 2021
Download 47 MB
Version 6 Aug 18, 2021

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how do i tell the highscore?

It's in the upper right corner. Every enemy kill gives you 100 points.

i mean the current highscore, not my current score.

Unfortunately there is no online leaderboard. I had it on my TODO list, but I ditched it for a paintthrower. :P

oh :(

There's always a post-jam version! :)

The global leaderboard is now live. ;)

okay, yay.