1.2 - Mistakes were made

Honk, honk!

Hello fellow geese. You were messing with the whole crossword and it was quite impossible to undo? Well, now it is. The changes are:

  • Undo option
    Press CTRL + Z (button on android) and your mistakes are gone.
  • Increased difficulty
    I'm not sure if it's cause I'm getting smarter or I added a better dictionary. But I'm getting higher scores. So now with increasing points the time bonus decreases.



obgoose-android.apk 46 MB
Jun 21, 2021
obgoose-windows.zip 41 MB
Version 5 Jun 21, 2021
obgoose.zip 42 MB
Version 2 Jun 21, 2021
obgoose-linux.zip 48 MB
Version 5 Jun 21, 2021
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Version 5 Jun 21, 2021

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