1.1 - Post Jam Update

Honk, honk!

Hello friends of letters and words. And of course hello geese. Thank you all for playing my game and following the updates. And once again the resonance was astounding. Many of you gave me very useful feedback and bug findings. Here is the list of all changes:

  • Joker tiles
    Use it anywhere. It's a very mighty tile, cause in most of the cases not even you will know which word you spelled with the joker tile.
  • Visual feedback for right words
    Some confused the red boundary box as an indicator for valid words. To prevent this confusion I added a animation for valid words as well.
  • Zen mode
    Even this game was too stressful? Now you can disable the time restriction and play forever.
  • Android/Web and Mac support
    A goose in the pocket? What could go wrong?
  • Better wordlists
    I have entered the depths of the internet. And I found them! Better word lists.
  • Add Spanish support
    Also known as sepi mode. I'm no expert in that language, so I hope for the best.
  • Calmer doodle effect
    The tutorial was very hard to read with the doodle effect. Now it should be easier.



obgoose-linux.zip 48 MB
Version 4 Jun 20, 2021
obgoose-html.zip Play in browser
Version 4 Jun 20, 2021
obgoose.zip 42 MB
Version 1 Jun 20, 2021
obgoose-windows.zip 41 MB
Version 4 Jun 20, 2021
obgoose-android.apk 46 MB
Jun 20, 2021

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