Submission for the Beans Jam '22. Theme: We must stay awake (Original: Wir müssen wach bleiben)

You are a chicken that came home late. Unfortunately, the chicken coop was already closed, so you have to spend the night outside. It's only one night, what can go wrong?


Keyboard + Mouse:

  • Movement: WASD
  • Facing: Mouse
  • Shoot: Left Mouse
  • Dodge: Right Mouse
  • Interact: E

Controller (Xbox):

  • Movement: Joystick 1
  • Facing: Joystick 2
  • Shoot: R1/R2
  • Dodge: L1/L2
  • Interact: A


  • Game Design:
    • dunkelgrau
    • qualkappe
  • Coding:
    • dunkelgrau
  • Art:
    • dunkelgrau
  • Sounds:
  • Music:


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Great game! The only thing I'd love to see is an endless mode which is scaling infinitely!


I know this is a jam game, but I'd like to see it polished version once the jam ends. The concept and gameplay is really cool, here are some issues I ran into:

Weapon balancing. I like the diversity between weapons, but some are way better than others. I understand this is intentional, but sometimes I'm left with a terrible weapon at wave 3, and I can't do much about it.

Another thing I didn't like was the fact that there isn't any way to tell where you are on the map. This probably isn't a common problem, but I managed to get lost on the map and I couldn't find the coop, something like an arrow that points to the coop when it's off camera would be nice.

And lastly, not being able to find the final fox. This happened to me a few times, the fox must have gotten stuck on something because I couldn't find it, which ultimately forces you to wait until you die.

You're probably aware of most if not all of these issues, but this is my feedback.


I had a great time with the game! ^^
The palette and Pixel Art is amazing
I love how the Vignette is transitioning to the Game Over, that feels damn smooth.
Exploring the different weapons hooked me for some time and now I know what the fox says
Great job! 


Solid entry!


very coop game