1.1 - Post Jam Update

Hi fellow lynxes,

thanks for the absolute positive feedback for this game. It seems to have brought back fond memories of childhood for many of you. And that was worth all the development time that went into this game. During the game jam some had a lot of cool ideas what can be improved or added. In the few days I had, I tried to include most of the suggestions you had. Here is a list of all the major changes for this update:

  • Rework of the movement controller
    The movement has now an acceleration and a damping, so that it feels a bit more smoothly and not so abrupt.
  • Gamepad support!
    That's the most critical improvement. And while it was really easy to add, I'm wondering why I didn't thought about it in the first place.
  • Add settings for Inversion of the X- and Y-axis
    There seems to be an open philosophical question what are the best controls for a flight simulation. But I'm not here to judge nor to solve. So I added a settings to get the controls you want to have.
  • Add settings for Master volume
    Nothing fancy, but a nice-to-have feature.
  • Change the directional lightning
    The lighting is now in such a way, that the shadow is cast in front of you, so that aiming gets a bit easier.

If you have any other feedback, don't hesitate to contact me. :)



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Apr 09, 2021

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Glad you took the feedback positively! Replayed with the improved controls and it's much more enjoyable! :)

Good work!

Glad you enjoyed playing it in the second run. :) And the comments here help me a lot to improve the games I'm making. Cause during development there is often this tunnel vision where I'm not capable anymore to judge the controls. ;)