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Hm, definitely a Baba is U pastiche, I see that theme was Doodle but I think it didn’t need to be so close to it anyway, with other ways to represent doodling.

I’m also unsure if moving a character around is the best control for this game. It gives some character and challenge moving letters around, so if part of the fun is to mess up the existing words and reforming them, why not.

Otherwise, I wish I could sometimes just drag the letters around freely to form words (but I suppose from Scrabble apps allow that in training mode already?).

Anyway, I found myself quickly chaining 2 and 3-letter words I had no idea what they meant just to score - such is the greatness and trap of having an automated spellchecker, then it became more difficult so for 4+ letters you really start to pause and think ahead. Although I’m glad to have learned that MH can mean Medal of Honor and that BF can be Burkina Faso, best friend OR boyfriend (excellent to start an ambiguous conversation about a male friend).

UX: I thought dictionary was selected because highlighted in yellow, so I pressed left/right but nothing happened. In fact, I had to mouse hover some menu item then move down until I could select the language arrows and confirm them to change language - focusing an arrow is uncommon and less convenient than focusing the item itself and pressing left/right to change value

Bug: after game end, I press Escape to go back to main menu and Language was empty there

isn't this baba is you theme

i have 0 i cant figure out how to earn points

Form valid words where all words are connected. Red outlines mark invalid words. If everything is connected and valid you will get a new letter and a point.

69... Nice! 'U'

Is controller support on Android a consideration?


What is your setup? I have tried it with my Bluetooth Xbox controller and smartphone and it seems to work already due to the gamepad support of the pc version.

Playing on an Anbernic RG353P with an integrated gamepad. None of the buttons seem to do anything.


Hm, I can try to find out how they did the mapping but if there is no documentation I will likely not be able to provide support. Sorry.

Oh, no worries. I’m not suggesting you support my specific device at all, but I’d imagine there’s probably some additional gamepads out there that aren’t working. Perhaps just testing a few more pads could help iron out the issue.

what is this

A wordgame. Similar to scrabble.

oh no I know that I originally attached a screen shot of and * block in the game but it didn't show correctly. what did it do, it lagged my game when ever I added it to a word

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Haha. I see. :D It's a "joker". It can be any letter you want. But if you don't like to use it, you can throw it away.

In the online version it's a bit of a performance killer for long words. Cause it's searching (in the worst case) to the whole dictionary.


WHy not add it in the play store

It's already there. ;)


0nly 18. I thought that i did good, but then i saw the comments. 

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there is also an infinite mode, if you dont want to play against the time.


54 ... BAAM

Nice! :)

my score is 29 lol


Oh, and if this game is still in development, please improve the performance on * tiles, or give the option to play without them. These are really annoying when the field is getting full.


You know what would be cool? A dictionary where I can look up what that word means that I just spelt accidentally^^

Maybe also a list of words I've already spelt, or a list of all available words with spelt words highlighted. That would also make it a collecting game!

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A few suggestions;

  1. Maybe a special word (dunno what to call it) where there's a random word that's longer than 5 letters that gives you double points if you make it and it randomizes each time you get it. This would help with deciding what words to use.
  2. Make the undo button z not ctrl+z
  3. I think it'd be cool if the player moves off side of the map they should be put into a random spot (like the letters)
  4. A child friendly mode (no swear words
  5. The English dictionary has some weird words that may be acronyms, for example (ra, lp, sd, cg, ii, don, ira, mese)

I agree! Also, if someone can't use arrow keys, allowing wasd or numpad would be helpful


Is it the Spanish version? Nice to see it in another language. :) Is it a good dictionary?


music is epic


this kinda reminds me of baba is you

Pretty much the same mechanics as baba is you


I got all the swear words :)


this needs to be a speedrun

Please add an undo button!!!!

I love this game so much and i got to 35 with over 7 minutes remaining but I kept accidentally closing gaps and squishing together things that should not go together

and couldn't fix it without essentially redoing everything and it go too frustrating :( 

I try to add an undo button. Let's see how easy it will be. ;)

Undo is now here. :) Press CTRL + Z and your mistakes are gone.

its cool the game but is very stressfull for me lol

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Wow this game is AMAZING! I got a high score of 29 and I felt pretty good until I saw someone got 75 :(. I love (and kinda hate) how as the game goes on getting new pieces and changing out pieces gets more risky because you might have them in between your words and you have to spend 3 minutes getting everything back to where it was before. The art gives off a lot of BaBa is You vibes. One thing that's could be better is the L/I and the R/A, they look really similar and got annoying sometimes.

PS. I never knew my vocabulary was sooo bad

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this game is great pls make more dictionarys :)

In the next version there will be a Spanish and a Portuguese dictionary. Are you looking for a specific language?



i wish you could pull blocks too by holding a button or something, cuz occasionally i'll accidentally push something and its pretty much impossible to fix


The graphics remind me a lot of Baba Is You


really awesome game, would love an untimed "zen" mode that just lets you go on as long as you please


Wish granted (for the post jam version) ;)


really? thank you so much! super excited for it


This is super fun! My high score is 14.


I have the game open just to listen to that magnificent track.

Suspicious... But I will pass the feedback to the musician. ;)


cool game. I like taking scrabbling words as a base mechanic. The baba is you inspiration is very on the nose - but it suits the style well. Music is well executed but gets pretty repetitive after a while.

UX lacks a bit of response to player interaction - but the game as a whole is pretty neat. :)

Hey I'm really struggling to understand this. I've been spelling words but got 0 score.

I figured the red box is meant to indicate words but I got the red box for "fea and nh" but not fear, she or year?

Hey Brandon JS Lea,

thanks for playing. It's the other way around: Red box indicates a letter combination that is not a true word. If there is no box it's a valid word.

You get points when you manage to place every letter into a (connected) crossword.

You can see some examples and further information in the tutorial.

Hope that helps. :)

That did help me, I also got confused by this.