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I think around 5,120 or so clicks the game is done, due to the fact that nothing happens after that


That's me worshiping my cat for 666666 times,pretty cool game actually,i liked transformation of cat into the demon,nice art style,5\5,but is there is actual ending of this game? Or this is are really endless clicker?

A Tragic Story of a True Cat Worshipper

Once upon a time, back in whatever year this takes place in, some dumbo found out... their cat was a weird like demon thingy!!! So, since cats are amazing, they decided to worship le gato and do everything to make it happy.

For over a month, they had to click this button to worship le kiggy. And they did, ohhh believe me they did...

But then, just at 9999 clicks... they opened the worship tab on their old computer... and it reloaded

And this is where we've been left off... the hero's great efforts to worship demon gato have been put to waste, and there's nothing they can do about it... unless they try again. Or give up.

So, obviously, they


noooo my cat left how am i suppoused to worship them if they left :((((


love the game and love your other games to your a good developer 



help im in a inky void with a never ending peace of chalk and i all i can do is draw and hope my cat comes back


Does anyone know what the max number is pls :') Cuz... I will be here forever LOL 

20000 clicks in and nothing different :(

I was stopped from playing this game because my cat demanded worship. Very cute game. Great work! 

Worship Cat WorShip CaT WoRShIp cAT W̷̧̬͓͎̑̉o̵̧̭̮̟̲̗͔̬̣̐͌̌̿̀͜͜ͅr̸͚̐̓́͒̾͗̍̍͘͜S̸̺̘͓͎̟̙̻̀͂̇̉̔Ḧ̴̠̠̮̰̦̦̝̺́͊̀͝i̷̳̗̻̇̂̾̎̍p̴̭̾͑͑́̈́͋̈́C̷̻͓̦͈̭̪̫̤̘͔͈̟̞̺̏̂͐̌̒̿̄̅͜A̵̧̧̱͙̙͚̫̬̞̬̲̳͌̌͐͛T̸̤̩́͌͛́̄͆


still waiting for sth new to happen

I am sorry. :(


This was so cute and fun and completely different from The Turing Test, I can’t wait to see what’s next. You really know how to put your spin on things and create these super neat experiences. 

(+2) there anything else after 10k?


10/10. I really would love having this as mobile apk xD

(1 edit) (+1)

My arm is in pain :D

At least I got the 6969


Just got 6969 as well


It is a lot of clicking, but fun. Sometimes it's a little too long until the next change. Is there an official ending to this game or is this an endless clicker that never stops? It took us 20 minutes, so we shortened it for this video and added some music. A nice idea.

Simple but quite nice^^

The cat is cute :3


This is game is super fun, I love the effect of the bloodcircle !


I can't stop clicking! Funny game, I enjoyed, but was surprised that nothing happened at 666!

Would appreciate if you could checkout my game aswell.



I was also surprised there was nothing at 666! Cute game otherwise, enjoyed the art :)

Yeah, I also thought about it. I decided against it, cause there is always a transition if the circle is full. That means all multiplies of 32. I didn't want to break with this rule.

Understandable! 💜